Photo Gifts 

How cute is this 5×7 black & white print of these freezing lovebirds that Mrs. Lovebird had customized with a personal message? You can order your own version here

And well here’s another example of cuteness overload. These adorable, personalized, photo Valentine’s Day cards are being added to the store as we speak. 

Check out these and many other items at our Etsy Store. Don’t forget to apply coupon code BLOG15 to get 15% off deducted from your $15+ order.

Happy Shopping!! 😊


Happy Friday!

Yes, another post. Am I on a roll or what? (I’m trying to make up for having been sick & sleeping through most of December I guess.)

Well, I decided I’d add another post for many reasons.

First of all, I added some VERY cute sets of Valentine’s Day Cards to my Etsy shop. I actually made them with children and classroom card exchanges in mind, but who says you should stop giving out cute cards to your friends just cause you’re old and probably not as cute as you were when you were a kid? 😉  And these cards are extra cool cause you can personalize them AND add candy to them and well, who wouldn’t like that?   (*You have to go buy the candy yourself, guys. I’m the Festive Chick not the Candy Chick. Sorry!) 😀

Also, I created a special coupon code to be used on Etsy by any of my blog friends/followers. It’s BLOG15 (creative, I know!) and it will get you 15% off your purchase of $15.00 or more. Consider it an early Valentine’s Day gift from me. 🙂
(Don’t get too excited now.)

And my final reason for today’s post, if you don’t want to buy my stuff, it’s ok. I won’t hold it against you but how about you go and check out my Instagram and follow me. (@thefestivechick) I’m trying to do a better job of Instagramming (is that even a word?) but it’s hard to when you only have a handful of followers.  😦

Well, I think my work here is done. Have a great weekend.

Go on now,  go follow @thefestivechick!! (Pretty Please with sugar on top!) 🙂


1 month till Valentine’s Day! 

I know it’s a Hallmark holiday, a fake holiday to pressure you into spending money and whatever else the anti-Valentine’s Day call it, but I don’t care. I love Valentine’s Day! Sure that’s easy to say cause I’m married to someone that makes a pretty good effort to humor me & my love for Valentine’s. All I ask for is a card & that he won’t get too annoyed by my love of red hearts & cutesy stuff. Oh and a present. Of course I want a present. Lucky for him, I’m easy to please, I don’t need diamonds or expensive purses and shoes, (I will accept them but I don’t need them.) 😉  Thoughtful > Pricey in my book.

And with that in mind, I’ll be adding some very cute (if I do say so myself) new items to my Etsy shop in the very near future. Here’s a little sneak preview.

What is it you ask? Well it’s a 5×7 picture (that’s sort of a collage but not really) that will include a picture of you & your Valentine (Or you could add your friends, maybe your dog? Whatever. We don’t judge.) on one side, leaving the other side free & clear for whatever cheesy goodness wording you’d like. It could be whatever! You may want to add lyrics from your song, a meaningful quote, an inside joke or you could keep it simple with just names & a date? The choice is yours. 🙂

Happy almost Friday!!

P.S. Have I mentioned you should drop by my Etsy shop?   😉

Happy New Year – Let’s Get Festive

So, I’ve done a pretty bad job of keeping up with my blog. First there was the usual December craziness. Decorating for Christmas, Christmas shopping, the fun stuff, then there was the not so fun stuff. Getting a horrible cold that turned into Bronchitis during my 2 week Christmas vacation had me sleeping for most of the 2nd half of December.

But I’m back, ready to be productive and festive.  😀

Don’t forget to visit my shop!