Farewell February!

Hi fellow bloggers,
It’s me, The Festive Chick checking in to say hello. Work (regular job work & my Etsy work) hasn’t left me much free time for blogging. I’ve been working on expanding my inventory and on my Instagram. (Follow Me @thefestivechick, but only if you want to.) 😉

My shop is definitely a work in progress but it’s improving. February has been verrrrry sloooooow for sales after Valentine’s Day so it has give me time to create new things or fix things and I’m hoping that’ll help. Sometimes I think I’d much rather spend my time working on being a Netflix Chick than being The Festive Chick but then new orders or special request emails come in and I forget all about Netflix. Well not really,  since that’s impossible, but you know what I mean. 😉

I wanted to share a few of my favorites, I hope you’ll like them too. They can all be found
here. And today only you can use Coupon Code LEAPDAY29 for 29% off your order. (I’m supposed to say it expires today but really it doesn’t expire till tomorrow.) 😉

Happy Shopping!! And if you don’t want to shop it’s okay, you can just come visit. 😀








In the Kitchen 

So, I got a request from a customer for a personalized/customized  kitchen print. She saw one I’d made with different types of wine & decided she wanted one listing different types of Cuban foods. (Cuban food is kind of a big deal here in Miami, FL) The result was this: 

It got me thinking that while this Cuban food print would do well in Miami, I doubt it’d be selling off the shelves on Etsy & so I decided to expand from Cuba to other countries whose own cuisines will do pretty well in Miami & may do well on Etsy. My aunt suggested I start with Spain because not only is it the land of my ancestors, she just really likes Spanish food (aka Comida Española), the results: 
 And so I will be adding that to Etsy soon, along with a few other countries.  

What’s your favorite food?