Party Time!

Hello from The Festive Chick!
Just passing by to say hello and invite you to visit my Etsy Shop where I am in the process of adding various party invitations. So far we have birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, bridal showers, graduations and even a few Save the Date cards and there are many more special event items on the way. 🙂

Come check us out! 😀





Marching into March

Everyone out there is so happy and excited about it being March 1st because that means Spring is around the corner and there is great weather to be had. Well, I live in Florida and it’s pretty hot here alllllllll year around. ALL YEAR. ALL. YEAR. HOT. And so while I do like cold weather, (well, cold for Florida at least) I guess I am ready for some beach and pool weather. I bet you’re probably wondering what brought on all this weather talk (ok,  you’re probably not wondering anything at all, but I’m still going to tell you.) 😉

I had a customer just order 15 of my newest shop item, ceramic cocktail themed coasters you can find here for a bachelorette party weekend cruise.
Jealous! I love cruises, tropical settings and tropical beverages! Bachelorette trips didn’t exist when most of my friends & I got married. (I really should convince them all to plan a weekend getaway. I feel we’re owed. LOL!)

Here are 3 samples of what we have so far and the other picture is how I suggested the Maid of Honor wrap them up for the bridal party. 😀 Cute huh?? (If I do say so myself!!)
If you check this item out on Etsy, you’ll see that they can be done in 15 different colors! Check us out! 😀 😀 and Happy ALMOST Spring!