September Already?

Life has been crazy and busy (and there may have been some excessive Netflix involved in all these months that I’ve been MIA) but I wanted to stop by and say hello 🙂 but mainly to let you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

In the United States alone, 16,000 kids are diagnosed each year. That is WAY TOO MANY kids! Childhood cancer is one of the most underfunded types of cancers. Nobody wants to talk about cute little kids with cancer so it is an out of sight out of mind situation that we have going on.

This year, rather than just make my annual donation and wear my gold ribbon in support, I decided to take a little extra step because really, it’s the least I could do. (I hate to think of all the poor children feeling sick with their parents looking on helplessly while I watch Netflix and complain about traffic and having to deal with annoying people at work. Horrifying!) This is the first September that my Etsy Store exists & I will be donating 50% of all September sales to CURE Childhood Cancer so please stop by and have a look, make a purchase, no matter the amount and if there’s nothing that you like, it’s ok, but please consider making your own direct donation anyway so that by the time that we’re old and gray Childhood Cancer will be a thing of the past. ❤