Farewell February!

Hi fellow bloggers,
It’s me, The Festive Chick checking in to say hello. Work (regular job work & my Etsy work) hasn’t left me much free time for blogging. I’ve been working on expanding my inventory and on my Instagram. (Follow Me @thefestivechick, but only if you want to.) 😉

My shop is definitely a work in progress but it’s improving. February has been verrrrry sloooooow for sales after Valentine’s Day so it has give me time to create new things or fix things and I’m hoping that’ll help. Sometimes I think I’d much rather spend my time working on being a Netflix Chick than being The Festive Chick but then new orders or special request emails come in and I forget all about Netflix. Well not really,  since that’s impossible, but you know what I mean. 😉

I wanted to share a few of my favorites, I hope you’ll like them too. They can all be found
here. And today only you can use Coupon Code LEAPDAY29 for 29% off your order. (I’m supposed to say it expires today but really it doesn’t expire till tomorrow.) 😉

Happy Shopping!! And if you don’t want to shop it’s okay, you can just come visit. 😀








Happy Friday!

Yes, another post. Am I on a roll or what? (I’m trying to make up for having been sick & sleeping through most of December I guess.)

Well, I decided I’d add another post for many reasons.

First of all, I added some VERY cute sets of Valentine’s Day Cards to my Etsy shop. I actually made them with children and classroom card exchanges in mind, but who says you should stop giving out cute cards to your friends just cause you’re old and probably not as cute as you were when you were a kid? 😉  And these cards are extra cool cause you can personalize them AND add candy to them and well, who wouldn’t like that?   (*You have to go buy the candy yourself, guys. I’m the Festive Chick not the Candy Chick. Sorry!) 😀

Also, I created a special coupon code to be used on Etsy by any of my blog friends/followers. It’s BLOG15 (creative, I know!) and it will get you 15% off your purchase of $15.00 or more. Consider it an early Valentine’s Day gift from me. 🙂
(Don’t get too excited now.)

And my final reason for today’s post, if you don’t want to buy my stuff, it’s ok. I won’t hold it against you but how about you go and check out my Instagram and follow me. (@thefestivechick) I’m trying to do a better job of Instagramming (is that even a word?) but it’s hard to when you only have a handful of followers.  😦

Well, I think my work here is done. Have a great weekend.

Go on now,  go follow @thefestivechick!! (Pretty Please with sugar on top!) 🙂